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2014 Hess Toy Truck and Space Cruiser with Scout

I was able to purchase a few more trucks from another source, So I Have 1 Trucks left available as of 12/24/14 13:00pm EST

The 2014 Hess Toy Truck and Space Cruiser with Scout marks the 50th anniversary of the Hess Toy Truck.

The multi-purpose heavy-duty flatbed truck does double duty as transporter and launch pad, with push buttons to elevate the hydraulic ramp and activate 3 realistic sound effects (ramp hydraulics and launch alarm, ignition, and horn) and 41 lights that work in flash or steady mode. The truck sports plenty of chrome detailing, including a bold 50 embossed on the cab side panels that officially designate this as the 50th Anniversary Hess Toy Truck!

The sleek space cruiser, with retractable landing gear, features 3 buttons to activate sounds (ignition, fly-by, and land) and flashing lights. It also has 3 motion activated sound effects (climb, dive, and turn). A total of 8 lights, including a bright rear thruster panel can also be activated by switch. A push button activated cargo door opens to reveal the Scout, a flyer with folding wings and working lights.

Truck Features:


3 push-button activated sound effects (ignition, horn, ramp hydraulic and launch alarm)

41 lights work in steady or flashing mode

Push-button activated launch ramp elevates with sound effect

Space Cruiser:

3 button-activated sounds (ignition, fly-by, and land)

3 motion-activated sound effects (climb, dive, and turn)

8 lights that work in flash or steady mode

Retractable landing gear

Push-button activated cargo door with Scout vehicle inside


Folding wings

2 lights

2014 Hess Truck and Space Cruiser

$ 94.99


2014 - 50th Anniversary Hess Truck Set - 1 Sets Available 12/23 15:00

Set includes (1) 2014 Hess Special Collectors Truck and  (1) 2014 Hess Truck with Space Cruiser

$ 295.00



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