- 1964 / 1965 Hess B-Mack tank Truck - The Very First Hess Truck made


Hess 1964 / 1965  B-Mack Tanker


   1964 / 65 B-Mack Tanker

This truck is an 18-wheel fuel oil tanker in the traditional Hess dark green with white and yellow accents. It has a Water  tank you can fill with working hose and nozzle plus working head lights and tail lights. The Hess logo is on the side & rear of the trailer as well as on the tractor doors.


1.   The Early version of this truck Hess took the Billups Tanker and placed the Hess logo over the Billups Logo. The Hess over Billups had a couple of differences from the later versions. First the side decals only say Gasoline on them. Second the bottom half of the Box was Black in color. Third the battery instruction card was printed on both sides. This is the most rare of the 3 versions of the 1964 Hess B-Mack Tanker

2.    Another version came with either the black or green bottom box, but the cab of the truck was molded in yellow and has green painted over the yellow. Where the most common version the cab is molded green and the fenders are painted yellow.



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