- 1966 Hess Voyager Oil Tanker Ship - Replica of the Original Ship Used

Hess 1966 Voyager Oil Tanker


1966  Voyager Tanker Ship

This toy is modeled after the original Hess Voyager, a World War II tanker Hess used to transport oil. It features working bow and stern lights, and authentic port and starboard lights, plus wheels on the bottom that allow it to roll across the floor. There was also a black stand that you could send away for to display the ship on. This was made out of black plastic and had a Gold Label with the Ships name on it. This is a hard item to find since not many people took the time to mail away for the item. This is one of the first Hess pieces to be made in the USA. 

Very important Information for the person purchasing 1966 Voyagers. There are quite a few of these ships circulating with very cheap imitation decals on them. The original decals are unmistakable because the word "HESS VOYAGER" on the front decal was actually WHITE printing on a clear back round water decal. Since most of us know that the Ink Jet & Laser printers on the market today Can Not Print White Ink they do this by Printing Black Around the Area they Wish to Show as White. Making it very simple to tell the Cheap Repro Decal from the real decal. The other very noticeable way to tell the difference is that the Original Decal was a 1 Piece decal - The Hess Logo and the Words HESS VOYAGER were all part of ONE DECAL ( they were connected by the clear decal backing ) The Fake decals are printed separately and once again are of the wrong material and produced completely differently than the Real Decals.



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