- 1967 Hess Red Velvet Tanker - Truck sat on a red velvet base and was made in the USA

Hess 1967 Red Velvet Tanker

1967 Red Velvet

This truck is an 18-wheel fuel oil tanker  in the Hess dark green with white and yellow accents. It has a removable hose and working head lights and tail lights. This truck came in a White Box with a Red Velvet Base. It's trailer feet were square on the bottom and the battery cover had No logo imprinted on it. This was the first Hess Split windows tanker and was also made in the USA. It has a small Hess Decal on the rear of the tanker that is the same size as the white stripe in height. This is the most common of the three versions made. Another little know or noticed fact is the placement of the Hess decals on the  Trucks. In 1967 the Hess side decal was mounted 1/2" from the ends. On the 1968 / 69 Hess Trucks the side decals were 7/8" from the ends. The 1972 / 74 Hess Truck side Decals are mounted  1 1/16 from the ends. I have several of each of the trucks and for the most part this holds true




2.     This truck is the same as the first except that the decal on the rear of the tanker is 3/8" larger than the white stripe.

3.     This is the most rare version of all the 1967 tankers. It is identical to the first one with the only difference being that instead of the Gasoline decal this truck had Chemical in place of it. It was said that this truck was shipped to some Hess employee's in the Virgin Islands.



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