- 1968 Hess Perth Amboy Tanker Truck - Box States "Home Office Perth Amboy N.J."

Hess 1968 Perth Amboy Tanker


1968 Perth Amboy Tanker

The 1968 Hess Perth Amboy Tanker Truck was a Remake of the 1967 Hess Red Velvet Tanker with some major differences. The 1968 Hess Truck was manufactured in Hong Kong by Marx Company. It came in a two piece White box with a picture of the Hess Tanker Truck on the outside. The box contained two cardboard inserts to hold the truck safely inside. One on the bottom with cut outs for the wheels and trailer feet, and one insert for the top of the truck to keep it in place for shipping. The 1968 Hess Perth Amboy Tanker Truck is named this way because the end of the box with the picture of the cab on it has the printing "Home Office Perth Amboy, New Jersey". You will notice that on the end of the Box for 1968 and 1969 Hess trucks there are two lines of printing. This is an important factor in distinguishing the box from a 1972 or 1974 Hess Truck Box, that only has one line of printing, and does not say anything about the Hess Home Office. Another little know or noticed fact is the placement of the Hess decals on the  Trucks. In 1967 the Hess side decal was mounted 1/2" from the ends. On the 1968 / 69 Hess Trucks the side decals were 7/8" from the ends. The 1972 / 74 Hess Truck side Decals are mounted  1 1/16 from the ends. I have several of each of the trucks and for the most part this holds true.


1968, 1969 Truck, No Rivets by switch, Square Trailer Feet, Round Marx Logo

1972, 1974  Truck, Rivets by switch, Round Trailer Feet, Round Marx Logo

1968 Hess Truck Box States Home Office Perth Amboy, New Jersey.

1969 Hess Truck Box States Home Office Woodbridge, New Jersey.



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