- 1972 Hess Green tanker Truck - A slightly redesigned version  of the 1960's Hess Tanker Trucks wit

Hess 1972 Tanker Truck


Hess 1972 / 74  Tanker

The 1972 Hess Tanker Truck and 1974 Hess tanker Trucks look very similar to the 1960's made Hess Tankers, but with some definite differences in the trucks. First off the trucks now have rounded trailer feet, and rivets by the on off switch. None of the 1960's Hess Tankers had either of these traits. You will also notice that the fenders on the cabs of the 1970's tankers are now more orange, instead of the yellow color used in the 1960's Hess Tankers. Another change is that the stacks used on the 1970's Hess Tankers are the same height as the cab. The 1960's Tanker truck stack was higher than the cab. Another little know or noticed fact is the placement of the Hess decals on the  Trucks. In 1967 the Hess side decal was mounted 1/2" from the ends. On the 1968 / 69 Hess Trucks the side decals were 7/8" from the ends. The 1972 / 74 Hess Truck side Decals are mounted  1 1/16 from the ends. I have several of each of the trucks and for the most part this holds true. There is only one difference between the 1972 Hess Tanker Truck and the 1974 Hess Tanker Truck, that is that the 1974 Hess Tanker Truck has NO Gap at the rear end of the Cat walk and the tanker. The 1972 Hess Tanker has a 1/16" gap at the rear end of the cat walk and the tanker.

1972, 1974  Truck, Rivets by switch, Round Trailer Feet, Round Marx Logo 1972 tanker on Left with Gap, 1974 Tanker on right with no gap at end of catwalk.


1.     The 1974 Tanker had one variation in the tanker itself. This version had the word "Jet Fuel" in place of the "Gasoline" decal.  This is a very rare version.

2.     Some of the 1974 Boxes had a rectangular caution sticker affixed.



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