- 1976 Hess Barrel Truck -  A slight re-design of the 1975 Truck, Being a Darker Green, Barrels had labels on them and  the cab was now 2 seperate pieces

Hess 1976  Barrel Truck

1976 Barrel Truck

Three miniature oil barrels with the Hess Logo are the distinguishing features of this truck, which is virtually the same as the 1975 Box Trailer Truck. With the exception that the 76 truck has a 2 piece cab, the fenders are a separate molded piece from the cab. Also the 76 truck is a slightly darker green than the 75 truck, you should be able to see the difference in the trucks from the above link. The 1975 truck is on the right and the 1976 truck is on the left. Both trucks had 2 style barrels, the standard 4 ring barrels and some that had a fifth ring. This truck had the same Variations as the 1975 Except there was No USA Version made in 1976 to my knowledge. The 1976 Box Had the line "Made in Hong Kong" Added to the end of the Box with the picture of the cab. The 1975 did not .


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