- 1977 / 1978 Hess Green Tanker Truck -  A completely re-designed Tanker Truck sporting a good bit of Chrome.

Hess 1977 / 78  Tanker Truck


Hess 1977 / 1978  Tanker Truck

This is the first year Hess started to mark the date of the truck on the truck. you will find that the 77 & 78 trucks have 1977 molded in the battery cover in Roman Numerals. The only difference in 77 & 78 trucks is said to be the size of the rear decal. The 1977 decal is 1" X  1 1/2" and the 78 is stated as  7/8" x  1 1/2".  This truck boasts more chrome than the years prior, but still having working head lights and tail lights plus the removable hose.



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