- 1986 Hess Red Fire Truck Bank

1985  Hess First Truck  Bank

Hess 1986 Fire Truck


This truck is the first truck to sport multiple functions. Its features include flashing dome lights, as well as head lights and tail lights operated by separate switches. It also features an aerial ladder with three sections that swivel fully, and a coin slot tucked under the ladder.
$ 125.00



     There is only one variation that I am aware of and that is the 1986 truck with gold colored chrome. During the later 80's it seems they had some problems with the chrome parts not being completely Silver Chrome in color. Some of the Trucks ended up with Gold tones in their grill's and some other chrome parts. Here are some pictures of the 1986 Fire Truck we have showing it's various Gold tinted Parts. 

1. Gold Grill,

2. Gold Dials on Side A

3. Gold Dials on Side B

4. Gold Rear Door.  

      Not all trucks had this much Gold tone to them. Some only had a Gold Grill or a Gold Rear Door.

Warning - Fake Rare 1986 Trucks

Be advised that there are many people that would like to try and take advantage of the unknowing by changing the ladders of the 1986 and 1989 Hess Fire Trucks and selling them at very high prices as a "Rare Version Truck". I have seen people trying this and yes unfortunately there have been people suckered into paying for these High Priced Phonies. The 1986 Red Fire Trucks has a White Ladder while the 1989 White Fire Truck has a Red Ladder. Hess Never produced a Red 1986 Fire Truck with a Red Ladder, nor did they Produce a White 1989 Fire Truck with a White Ladder.



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