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Hess 2006 NYSE Special Edtion Truck - Only 3,000 made for the New York Stock Exchange Members

2006 Hess Special Edition

New York Stock Exchange Members

Celebration Issue

1 Truck W/Racers

Sold Out

Price $500.00


This is the 2006 Hess Special Edition Truck with 2 Racers.  On May 9, 2006 New York Stock Exchange members received these trucks to celebrate Amerada Hess changing it's name to Hess Corporation.  The tanker truck is the first to have the words "Hess Corporation" on the side.  One race car has "HES" on one side and "AHC" on the other, being the NYSE Abbreviations for the company on the ticker trading board.  Only 3,000 were made none of which were released to the general public, making this a hard to find collectible item.  All cardboard inserts and battery card are in the box. There was also another truck made to celebrate this very special occasion and that was a Chromed version of the First Truck used by Leon Hess when he started the company. There were Less than 100 of the Special Chrome Mini Hess Truck made and they were Given to Hess Corporations Top VIP's to commemorate this event.


This is and will continue to be one of  the very rare Hess Trucks ever made to date, a true must have for the discerning collector. If you pair this truck up with the other truck made for this event you will have the first Pair of Hess Trucks made to mark a Significant date in the Hess Corporation's History. This is the First time Hess has has 2 separate trucks made for a special occasion making the Pair of trucks a Very Rare Item to have.


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