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Hello my name is Bill Obdyke, my son Richard and I have created this entire site ourselves. We are not professional web designers or anything close to it. We both love Hess Trucks and other Collectibles. So one day back in Feb. of 2001 we started to create this site since we wanted to share our information regarding the various years of Hess Trucks. We do not buy other peoples collections per say. We prefer to buy cases of sealed trucks when we find them instead of single trucks. This way we are providing you with Brand New Trucks just like they were the day they went on sale at the Hess Stations. However if you have trucks prior to 1977 we are interested in the individual trucks if they are in Excellent condition and have their boxes and inserts. We put a lot of time and effort into maintaining this site, updating information, pictures etc. If you happen to find a bad link or a problem on one of Our pages I would appreciate it if you would let me know so that I can fix it. I do try to fully test all aspects of pages both before and after making them live on the web, but once in a while I miss something. We do hope you enjoy Our Site and tell your Friends about us.

We have 2 separate Online stores to serve you. First let me tell you about our other store "Richards of Naples". This is our first store and it contains a wide variety of items. These items are brand new and from top name brand manufacturers like Sony, RCA, Royal Doulton, Precious Moments, Swarovski, Tiffany, Seiko, Hummel, just to name a few. We have thousands of beautiful items listed, too many to begin to list. All these items are listed @ up to 80% off retail prices. Store #2 " ACSTrucks.com" Contains items from the Coca Cola Town Square Collection, Hess Trucks Collection, Texaco Die-Cast Trucks, Wings of Texaco, Texaco Nautical Tug Boat Series, Coastal Die Cast Banks, Gulf Service Station Issue Trucks, and Lionel Trains. Each store offers it's own kind of unique items and a Secure way to purchase them. Please stop by our other store before you leave and be sure to tell your friends about us.

Please if at any time you find a problem with any of our pages please contact us about the problem so that we may fix it. Or if you have any suggestions as how to improve Our Site I would really like to hear them, so please feel free to Email me with your ideas.


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