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This is our Bargain Truck and Box Page

Trucks listed here have dented boxes or are missing inserts Etc.

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Please Email me with any questions you may have.

Pictures of any Hess truck available by request.

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Truck Name


 Price Description
1987 Hess Barrel Truck Box Only 3 20.00   Box is Good Shape a little dirty, No Inserts - H.K. Ver.
1993 - 1929 Lockheed Air Express 2 105.00    * Plane 1   * Plane 2   Both Planes have Minor Flaws With Them
1994 Hess Rescue Truck 11 15.00  Boxes show some dirt or have a crease or two - Trucks are New
1992 Hess Box Truck Hauler 5 25.00  Trucks are Nice Boxes maybe missing insert or slight dirt
1995 Helicopter Transporter 1 30.00  Truck New  Helicopter has slight corrosion on terminal Still Perfect





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