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        Below are all the Hess Trucks made during the period of 1964 to 1969. None of the Hess Trucks made in the 1960's had a date on either the truck or the box, making it difficult for people to tell what truck they actually have in some cases. Below we have supplied links to pictures of each of the Hess trucks by year made during this period and included detailed information and pictures of the specific differences in each Hess truck and Hess Box. By checking our pictures and information on each of the Hess Trucks listed you should be able to quickly identify the year of the truck you have. If you do not find your truck in these listings, try the listings for the 1970's Hess trucks, Since the 1960's and 1970's Hess tanker trucks look identical at first glance.


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1964 Hess B-Mack Tanker

1964 / 65  Hess B-Mack

During this time there were a total of 3 variations made of the Hess 1964 B-Mack Tanker

1966 Hess Voyager Tanker Ship

1966 Hess Voyager

In 1966 Marx made a replica of the actual Hess Ship called the Hess Voyager. 

1967 Hess Red Velvet Tanker

1967 Hess Red Velvet

The Famous 1967 Hess Red Velvet Truck has been found in 3 different variations.

1968 Perth Amboy

1968 Hess Perth Amboy

The 1968 Hess Tanker was a reissue of the 1967 Red Velvet Tanker with a few major differences.

1969 Woodbridge Tanker

1969 Hess Woodbridge

The 1969 Hess Woodbridge is Identical to the 1968 Hess Tanker with 1 Major Difference.



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