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1980 Hess Trucks

    Below are all the Hess Trucks made during the period of 1980 to 1989. All of the Hess Trucks made in the 1980's now had a date on the truck in roman numerals located on the battery compartment door. The box still had no date to confirm what year the truck was, making it difficult for people to tell what Year Hess truck they actually have. The dates found on the 1980 1982 1983 Hess Trucks did not match the year they were sold.  We have supplied links to pictures of each of the Hess trucks made during this period and included detailed information and pictures of the specific differences in each Hess truck and Hess Box. By checking our pictures and information on each of the Hess Trucks listed you should be able to tell the year of the truck easily.


All of our Hess Trucks for sale are Brand New from factory sealed cases. Click on the picture to find out details about the Hess Trucks.


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1980 Hess Training Van

1980 / 81 Hess Training Van

The 1980 Hess Training Van was a replica of the actual Hess Van used to train employees.

1982 / 1983 Hess First Truck

1982 / 83 Hess First Truck

The 1982 Hess First Truck was a replica of the First Truck used by Leon Hess.

1984 Hess Tanker Bank

1984 Hess Tanker Truck Bank

The 1984 Hess Tanker was only the Second Hess Truck to have it's actual date on the battery cover.


Hess 1985 First Truck Bank

Hess 1985 First Truck Bank

The Hess 1985 First Truck was the second Hess truck to have a bank built in to it.

Hess 1986 Red Fire Truck

Hess 1986 Red Fire Truck Bank

The 1986 Hess Fire Truck had it's correct date of sale on the battery door in roman numerals.


Hess 1987 Barrel Truck Bank

1987 Hess White Barrel Truck Bank

The 1987 Hess White Barrel Truck was a change from the traditional Green and yellow color scheme.

Hess 1988 Car Transport

1988 Hess Car Transport Truck

The 1988 Hess Transport Truck was the first Hess Truck to have the year on both the truck and the box.

Hess 1989 White Fire Truck

1989 Hess White Fire Truck Bank

The 1989 Hess Truck was a reissue of the 1986 fire truck in a reverse color scheme of the 1986 Hess Truck.


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