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     Below are all the Hess Trucks made during the period of 1990 to 1999. All of the Hess Trucks made in the 1990's had a date on both the truck and the box, making it easier for people to tell what truck they actually have. The trucks now all have dates on their license plates showing the year they were sold. We have supplied links to pictures of each of the Hess trucks made during this period and included basic information. These sections are setup for reference material on the Hess trucks made for these years.  If  you have a Hess Truck that is listed here but yours is yellowish in color, do not be alarmed. It is not some Rare version of truck, this is simply because of discoloration due to Sun light and the white plastic's reaction to prolonged exposure to sun light.


All of our Hess Trucks for sale are Brand New from factory sealed cases. Click on the picture to find out details about the Hess Trucks.


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Hess 1998 RV with Dune Buggy & Motorcycle

1998 Hess Recreation Van

Hess 1999 Space Shuttle Transport

1999  Hess Shuttle Transport Truck


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