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This is our Special Edition Hess Truck page. Here you will find pictures and information on each of the special promotional Hess Trucks made for distribution to employees and executives of Hess plus the newest Special Edition Hess Truck the 2006 New York Stock Exchange Members Celebration Issue. Each of the Hess trucks listed below were made but never publicly sold or announced. Each truck was created for Hess to give to certain people or companies at that time.


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1969 Amerada Hess Truck

1969 Amerada Hess Truck

Only 10,000 Made


1993 Hess Premium Diesel

1993 Hess Premium Diesel

Only 10,000 Made


1995 Hess Chrome Helicopter

1995 Hess Chrome Helicopter

Only 3,000 Made


Special Edition 2006 Hess Truck made for the NYSE only 3,000 made total.

2006 Hess Special Edition for NYSE Members

Only 3,000 Made 


Special Edition Truck Made Only for Employees working for Hess in the Virgin Islands

 Hess Special Edition For Virgin Islands Employees

Unknown Qty. Made 

2002 Hess Chrome Mini Voyager

2002 Chrome Hess Mini Voyager


Only 10,000 Made


Chromed Special Edition 2006 Hess Truck made for VIP's of Hess to celebrate the NYSE Name & sybol change.

Hess 2006 NYSE Chrome Mini Special Edition First Truck for Hess VIP's  

Unknown # Made Very Low Qty


2009 Hess Chrome Mini Space Shuttle - 24 Made for Private Gift to Hess Family

2009 Chrome Hess Space Shuttle Mini


Unknown # Made Very Low Qty.





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