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     Welcome to Our Hess Trucks price list Page 1. We have broken the listing into four pages for easier viewing of the Hess Trucks we have for sale. This first page contains trucks from 1964 to 1986.


     All of our Hess Trucks and Hess mini Trucks are brand new fresh from sealed factory cases. Once we open a case of Hess Trucks, we individually wrap each truck in plastic wrap to protect the box from any dirt or dust. Then we place them back in their case until they are sold.


     Each of our Hess Trucks and cases are stored in cabinets in an Air Conditioned smoke free environment to protect them. If you are looking for an older Hess Truck we do not have listed simply Email me to see if possibly it is in stock.


     We are always looking to purchase New Cases of Hess Trucks that are still sealed, so please contact us if you have some you care to sell.

Please Email me with any questions you may have.

Our Fuill Size Hess Truck Price List


Hess 1967 Red Velvet Tanker Truck

Excellent in Box 

1967 Hess Red Velvet Tanker 



Hess 1968 Perth Amboy Tanker truck

Truck 9.0 Box 7.5

1968 Hess Perth Amboy



Hess 1975 USA Barrel Truck

Truck 9.0 Box 9.0

1975 Hess USA Barrel Truck



Hess 1977 Tanker truck

Truck 9.0 Box 9.0 

1978 Hess Tanker Truck



Hess 1980 Training Van

Truck 9.5 Box 9.0

1980 Hess Training Van


Hess 1982 First Truck

New from Case

1982 Hess First Truck


Hess 1984 Tanker truck bank

New From Case

1984 Hess Tanker Bank


Hess 1982 First Truck

New From Case 

1985 Hess First Truck Bank


Hess 1986 Red Fire Truck Bank

New From Case 

1986 Hess Fire Truck Bank




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