1929 Texaco Lockheed Express

Plane #2




This is the Texaco #1 Plane the 1929 Lockheed Express. This plane is New in Box, but it has the typical manufacturing flaws for this year plane. In picture 3 you can see some paint bubbling and flaking on the  rear edge of the wing above the cockpit, and picture 4 you can barely see the bubbling of the paint at the bottom of the landing gear along the seam. The Box has a crease in it that you can almost make out  in picture 1. It also has some creases in the rear of the box you can see in picture 2.  I have had several planes of this year with the same problem of the paint flaking. It is not from abuse or neglect, simply just not perfectly clean metal prior to the paint being applied.  The plane does have it original certificate of authenticity included. Click the pictures above for a close look. 

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Price: $ 105.00